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HYLĒ at IZIS Festival in Slovenia

I am very happy that HYLĒ was invited for a new version co-produced by PINA for the 10th edition of IZIS festival.
IZIS explores the impact of technology on culture, society and nature through the lens of cutting-edge artistic works. It gathers artists, thinkers and an adventurous crowd who experience new narratives that give insight to complex topics such as audio/visual techniques, robotics, hybrid materials, kinetic sculptures, immersive installations, mind-bending experiences and questions how technology will influence the future.

Opening: Sept 23 2022, 8 pm
Exhibition: Sept 23 – Oct 16 2022
Libertas Warehouse, festival venue in Koper, Slovenia.

Participating artists: Marco Barotti, Maja Smrekar & Jonas Jørgensen, BridA, Sara Bezovšek an more