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“mEat me” awarded with a STARTS Prize 2021 Honorary Mention.

I’m thrilled that “mEat me” got a STARTS Prize 2021 Honorary Mention.
This project has been very special to me, so I’m particularly glad and honored about this recognition.
Thank you Starts jury and of course everyone involved making this happen! Especially Jana Putrle, Jurij Krpan, Kristian Talec from Galerija Kapelica / Kapelica Gallery and HEXORCISMOS for the AI + sound design And Dr. Ariana Barlic fom Educell
Excerpt from the jury statement:
Not since Lee Miller photographed a severed breast on a dinner plate in 1929 and Orlan’s performances of carnal art of the 1990s have we seen human flesh as food for thought. Veganism doesn’t seem too extreme compared to the impressive work of artist Theresa Schubert. Taking our obsession with meat, the realities of gene manipulation, and our food production realities, she really does make us eat hyper-locally. […] It’s bold and might even be shocking to some, but the reality is, if we treat our own bodies the way we treat the bodies of the animals that help us both to nourish us and to overcome disease, we might find commonalities instead of differences.