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Konzeptgenerator 3.0

#algorithmic #engaging #ironic

Materials and media

performance / installation with ink-pendulum machine, laser printer, paper prints, interactive video and sound generated text on paper



Konzeptgenerator 3.0 is a text generating machine built for a special purpose: to create concepts for art grants and competitions. It combines random elements of physical (fluids and magnetics), kinetic and digital origin and is presented as a installation and a performance.

Performance for four human operators and machines:
#01 choose keywords
#02 measure the ink colours based on the keyword chart
#03 pour ink into funnels
#04 release magnetic pendulum
#05 press glass onto paper with ink and remove
[#06 camera scans, machine calculates colour distribution and percentage]
#07 enter results into software
#08 hang paper sheet to dry
#09 wait for printer then read printed concept
#10 submit concept

A collaboration with and by qujOchÖ.
Jakob Dietrich, Thomas Philipp, Theresa Schubert (alle qujOchÖ)
Programmierung: Cécile Bucher