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Variations for Machine Vision

#experimental #growing #posthuman

Materials and media

paper, tracing paper, ink, pen, aquarell SIZE: A2 paper and tracing paper on endless roles



An ongoing series of drawings where I am acting as a machine interpreting the movements of organisms seen through a microscope and transcribing them on several shets of transpraent paper overlaying each other.

The background drawing represents amoeba inside a petri dish filmed under a microscope with 100x magnification. Looking at the video over and over again I ‘performed’ their chaotic movement by drawing pencil lines. Hence the minute-long video is compressed into one frame. The overlaying visualization on tracing paper looks at this organic behavior as with the eyes of a machine. Making the drawings, I was imagining to ‘see’ like a machine and look for a mathematical structure, a way to analyze the picture by lines and numbers and find additional meaning it by applying invented rules of formalization and structuring.

#biocybernetics #machinevision #humanimperfection #naturedriven #experimentaldrawing #meditativelines